Rules of Engagement

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If you're a higher level player, you should already know this.

If you're a lower level player, prior to any act of aggression (scouting, attacking, rallying, taking over a resource tile), you need to first check the strength of both the opponent and their guild.

To do this, you should click View Profile, then the guild flag in the upper right to look at their might. If it is close to or greater than the current guild might, speak with someone first before any actions.

An example:

  • You see a level 12 castle nearby. You are a level 14 castle.
  • You look at their might and see it is 1.2 million. Yours is 2.1 million
  • You click on their Guild flag and see their might is 280 million. The current guild might is 190 million

In this situation, do not scout unless speaking to someone as they could call someone in to crush you. If an organized attack can be made, then scouting, attacking, rallying, battling for resources is acceptable, but starting a guild war against a higher might opponent will not make you any friends.