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Heroes are key for leveling up and building more powerful armies as well as having special abilities that come into play in different areas.

Some offer benefits for research, construction, attack, defense, etc.

You'll need to use these well when setting up both your defensive group as well as your main hero and teams you send to both the Colosseum and Monster Hunting

Leveling up heros is done by Monster Hunting, Fighting in the Colosseum, Fighting through the hero trials, etc... (Anything your hero is used for will gain them experience to level up)

Upgrading and acquiring heros is done the same way, by collecting that heros shield. Shields are found in the elite hero trials.

To find where to get shields, there are 2 ways, depending if you have the hero or not.

  • If you have the hero:

Click the heroes icon (lower right in the menu bar). Click the hero, then click the purple icon with the arrow pointing to the hand. This will show you where you can get additional shields.

  • if you do not have the hero, click the middle right tab with the hero (?) display. (images forthcoming)

Selecting the hero will show you the location to get shields. Sometimes you have already passed them, in which case you can sweep for shields, otherwise, you need to advance to that point. Of note: Elite stages require 2x the Stamina (hearts) as normal stages. if you want to advance your current heroes via sweeps (a great way to gain experience quickly), stay in normal.

  • Hero Battle Skills - These are cumulative and are upgraded based on the grade (color of the border) of the hero

Hero Groups

There are generally 2 different types of heroes to look at. Also, some offer bigger benefits in Colosseum They all offer the biggest benefits at gold level, but the pay heroes obviously get to be expensive. If you want to get them as cheap as possible, when they cycle through (they rotate which heroes are offered on a regular basis), spend 5$ ($20 speeds things up, but obviously adds to the cost. $50 if the money isn't important, or when you are close to going up in grade)



  • Trickster - Offers 25% research boost at gold. an absolute MUST have no matter what you're looking to do


  • Doll - The speedster. Boosts research, construction, and troop development
  • Prince of Thieves
  • Centaur
  • Femme Fatale
  • Dark Follower
  • Petite Devil



  • Rose Knight
  • Bombin' Goblin


  • Songstress of the Sea (aka Mermaid)
  • Berserker
  • Lore Weaver
  • Grim Wolf
  • Prince of Thieves
  • Dream Weaver