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These are simply 1 person's observations and opinions. You're welcome to disagree, but I hope you at least read them.

1) Remember, this is a war game. That has 2 words in it.

  • war - there will be battles. Yes, you may have to play farmville from time to time, but the purpose of the game is battles
  • game - It's to have FUN. When it stops being fun, people leave. Always remember, there are real people on the other side. and just like real life, there are cool people and there are assholes. It's in not forgetting that the vast majority are people like you trying to get away from work, drama, family issues, etc. and Lords Mobile is an escape

2) Don't be afraid of your troops dying. While might is a great number. The point of building troops is 2 parts. attacking and defending. You keep training more troops, so you can picture them going to the back of the line, awaiting their eventual death, which always happens. [Insert Circle of Life reference]. One of the best parts of the game are when you are a part of a rally, even with only 100k T3s, and get to be a part of a bigger battle causing 100k+ deaths of your opponent.

3) Don't be afraid to fill your infirmaries. Defending can also offer some satisfaction. If you help a buddy out by sending 100k troops, even if you only kill 1000 troops, you got a pound of flesh and you know it cost them. You can get into nasty strategies like speed healing if you like, but simply reinforcing someone you see under attack has it's own rewards. you see the attacker knows your guild is active, and that not everyone goes into a shell just because they showed up.

4) Your guild is like a family. In other words, not everyone will get along. Not everyone will agree on things. The trick is finding the group that most fits your personality and how you want to play the game. If you want your voice heard and no one listens, then maybe it isn't the right guild. If you want to be quiet and play your own personal game, but you're constantly asked to chime in, then maybe it isn't the right guild. The bottom line, there's a guild out there for you. Don't just jump between them. Try to see if you can find a place there. You won't always like everyone, but people can surprise you. Just like in real life, people grow and evolve.

5) Just be yourself and find what you enjoy most of the game. If you're a lover not a fighter, well, you might want to simply be a bank and spend your time chatting and helping those who need rss. If you love fighting, find who else agrees with you. If you love racking up kills without exposing yourself to losses, maybe you're meant to be a trap castles (pages forthcoming on on all possible builds). In the end, it goes back to point 1. It's a game. Find your niche and go with it to make sure you have the best time you can.