GoA/SOG Guild Rules

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Goats aren't huge on "rules" we do believe in anarchy, but there are few things that benefit us all.

1. Don't be a Douche. This should be simple. Ask yourself "If someone did this to me/us, would I call him a douche?" if you answer yes, then don't do it.

  • Tile hitting
  • Monster Stealing - If you don't know. watch for 5 minutes. No attacks? fair game.
  • Posting Coords on Global
  • Posting inflammatory messages on other guilds diplomacy boards without being provoked
  • Attacking Allies or NAP (also, allies of allies puts them in a odd position, so kind of douchey)
  • Joining another guild just to get guild coins then leaving them

2. Don't get the guild burnt

  • ALWAYS check the overall guild might as well as the might list for a guild before you hit someone. If the guild is 5x stronger than us and/or has a member who can zero the entire guild, just don't do it.
  • See rule 1. Antagonizing a large guild or high might player only leads to goat losses.

3. Have Fun! This is a game after all. The above 2 rules are meant to make sure EVERYONE has fun. so even if you think it's having fun, you might be ruining the fun of others in our guild. Try to enjoy yourself, and if you have a question about if your action is douchey or will get the guild burnt, just ask someone. We've all screwed up, so we learn from our mistakes.

Finally. If an R4 says to stop doing something, even if you don't understand, he/she probably has a good reason. Feel free to ask why, but stop first and listen to the reason behind it.