General Tips and Tricks

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  • The equipment your hero wears, specifically for construction and research only applies when you start an upgrade or new research. If you have equipment that is better for one over the other, start the construction with your best construction gear on, then switch to research gear when you start new research.
  • There is a maximum distance you can send an army/gatherer. It's believed to be around 400 miles, but can change due to either your level or random IGG updates.
  • The amount of time subtracted from a project when you receive help from guildmates is dependent on the amount of time remaining in the project. If you are constructing a building and have 1 hour left each help will take 1 minute off. If the remaining construction time is 1 month each help will be closer to 12 hours off. Make sure to use your speedups only after you have received the maximum amount of help.