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Equipment is forged in your workshop and plays an essential part of the game.

There is at first glance a bewildering array of materials and equipment to forge and use. Good equipment can mean the difference between victory and defeat or really long wait times.

Your leader has 8 slots for equipment which can be forged from base materials either gathered from rss tiles, guild boxes,materials chests or admin and guild quests.

As elsewhere it is all graded as follows silver(common), green (uncommon),blue (rare), purple (epic), gold (legendary)

4 silver items equals 1 green, 4 green equals 1 blue and so on. So 1 gold material requires 896 silver items to forge.

This brings us back to a common themes hit the highest level monster you can everyone time and harvest often and regular as you need the materials to forge the gear at the highest levels.

Every goat needs to work towards at least three sets of gear. Construction, research and war as your basic load out. Be under no illusion this will require a huge amount of time and effort but it is absolutely worth it if you stick with the game.

The following pages provide an overview of how the workshop is laid out, how to use the filters, advice on gear selection for the different roles.

Workshop layout

Cavalry/Ranged ATK Gear

Farming Capacity Gear

Non-Troop Specific Attack/Defense Gear