Early Advancement Track

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  • Resources - There are 5 primary resources
    • Food - Important early on, but as you advance, you can never provide enough for your troops unless you're really dedicated
    • Wood - Useful for Archers and Siege Equipment.
    • Stone - Has plenty of Misc uses
    • Ore - Generating is fine, but you'll be spending a lot of time gathering for coal to fuel the Workshop
    • Gold - Probably the most important item, however, also what causes higher guilds to Farm RSS

All of these are needed to advance your buildings, train troops, heal troops, build equipment, and pretty much everything you do to advance.

When you start out, it's easy to follow the suggestions, at least for the first 5 levels. After that, the best strategy is getting a level 17 Castle as quickly as possible. This gives you Tier 3 Troops, which are the primary fighting force in Lords Mobile