Defending While Away

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The simplest things you can do to protect yourself while away are:

  • Shelter Troops. This prevents any troops ending up in the Infirmary costing you rss to heal.
  • Never have more resources than your Vault can hold. Use The Boat to convert rss into your Backpack
  • Never have too much gold. This also ties in with The Boat.
  • Use the Banker to keep your gold/resources as low as possible.
  • Rally empty castles. Look for an unguilded castle around 400 miles (1 hour) away. You might want to scout it first. Once you've found one you like, bookmark it. Setting up an 8 hour rally on it actually gives you 10 hours of time offline before your troops return to your castle. Until they are back, your troops cannot be attacked
  • Reinforce a shielded castle (assuming you know the length of their shield) with your troops AND your leader. You can always recall them if you need access.
  • If it's a pinch where you're going to be gone for longer than any shields will be up, look for a remote area 400+ miles away where there are no hives nearby, ideally no guilded castles either. set up a camp near a known empty castle. Your odds of your camp being randomly hit is lower than your castle being hit if you're in a hive.

When farmers come, they look for 3 things mainly:

  • Gold - Can't be held in the vault, so all of it is available to raid
  • Excess resources - If you have more than your vault can hold, they will know it.
  • Defense troops - What is the risk/reward for an attack

If there is little to gain, they will look for someone else. If they are just spiteful bastards, they might burn down your Walls, but gain little out of it other than knowing they are pricks.